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"Solfa ~Do Re Mi Ear Method 2~ Lite" Released on the App Store.

10th April, 2015

We are proud to announce today a brand new iPad application, "Solfa ~Do Re Mi Ear Method 2~ Lite".
"Solfa ~Do Re Mi Ear Method 2~ Lite" will help you learn how to read sheet music simply by touching on the screen.
Using sounds, colors and sheet music, it has never been easier and more efficient to learn music notes.

While Solfa1 is focused on studying G-clef (treble clef), Solfa2 helps with F-clef (bass clef) notes.
You will be able to read sheet music even better as you get to know bass clef notes.

You can spontaneously and visually learn how to read music notes without difficult music theory.
You can learn music notes with sounds and various colors.
You can also acquire listening skills for sounds.
"What note is this?" - Learn how to find where the notes fall on a keyboard by reading the sheet music.
"What sound is this?" - Listen to a sound and find where the sound is on a keyboard by using sounds and colors.

iTunes AppStore information:
Title: Solfa ~Do Re Mi Ear Method 2~ Lite
Category: Education
Released: 2015.4.10
Version: 1.0
Copyright: Being True

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