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・Dino Coloring for Kids

・Aquarium Coloring for Kids
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・Dino Coloring

・Aquarium Coloring
 ~ Ocean life ~

・Animal Coloring
 ~ Pets and wildlife ~

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Trace and Learn - your first drawing -
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Category: Education

"Trace and Learn - your first drawing -" is the best pencil-control practice application for young children who have just learnt to hold a pencil and are interested in writing and drawing.

In (Lesson 1), you can practice the basic pencil-control by tracing straight lines and curved shapes. Keep tracing the simple lines and shapes to gain basic pencil-control skills.
Then, you can bring out your child's skills as introducing (Lesson 2).
Drawing lines also helps children develop their "writing skills" in the future.
This application can improve pencil-control skills and develop sensibility of your child step by step with family.



[Lesson 1 Basic ]
Lesson starts with the elementary practice of drawing straight lines, then it will progress into geometric shapes such as ○△□.
Tracing straight and curved lines can help children develop "shape recognition".
They will improve their basic ability to form geometric shapes.
Use the All Clear button to delete the traced lines, and you'll be able to trace again.

[Lesson 2 Advanced]
There are various images combining the lines and shapes that your child learnt in Lesson 1. Trace the lines to complete the image, then fill it with color. There is no correct solution. Your children can enjoy "drawing" and "painting" through learning "how to paint" as well as exploring colors, expressing their emotions.

- Simple interface that any children can easily use.
- 16 color palettes, 4 line sizes, eraser function.
- When the child completes a level, an encouraging sound will stimulate him to keep learning in the free version.
- Excellent save function. You can save your work-in-progress on the app to work on it later in Lesson 2.
The completed illustrations can be saved to Photo Album on your iPad, sent by email or set as iPad wallpaper.

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